The height and spread of Uttarakhand Himalayas offer long distance skiing to professional and learning skiers. Adventure lovers around India choose Auli, Mundali, Munsyari and Dayara Bugyal as their Skiing destinations specially from November to March but these snow capped Himalayas seem to entertain tourists and skiers throughout the year. The wide-open spaces over the snow line among the glaciers in Uttarakhand Himalayas increase possibility of attracting more Skiers to these places.

Skiing is an adventure sport where skis attached to boots with a binding are used to travel over snow. Some simple tricks or tools add excitement to the adventure in Skiing.

Besides Skiing, various water sports including White Water Rafting and Trekking through the hill stations and different villages are the activities in Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand that tourists around Uttarakhand and whole of India perform. Being major pilgrimage site, Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is most visited by Hindu devotees throughout the year, April to October in special.


Types of Skiing

  • Alpine Downhill: Non-competitive recreational skiing that takes place in ski resort with specified ski runs is termed as Alpine Downhill.
  • Alpine Freestyle: Skiing in which you must use aerial acrobatics and balance is termed as Alpine Freestyle.
  • Nordic: Competitive skiing with no special ski area, Nordic is the oldest form of skiing. Professional skiers compete in Nordic Jumping where they need to slide down a ramp and go further before landing. Another name for Nordic is cross-country.
  • Military: Skiing used by military as the means of transportation is termed as Military Skiing.
  • Kite: In Kite Skiing, the skier is pulled by a hang glider or kite.
  • Para: Para skiing is term for skiing done by jumping from a plane or high altitude mountain.

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